Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability

Pathways15: Inclusion Through Universal Design for Learning

Lynsey Kennedy-Wood, Down Syndrome Queensland

Research demonstrates that inclusion is integral for quality of life and it is never too late, or early, to create genuine inclusion through community engagement, knowledge, power, and purpose. This presentation will outline the research behind the need for inclusion, in all areas of life, and discuss how utilising the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) can ensure all individuals are catered for, irrespective of disability/ability. It will outline concepts, strategies, and proven examples to ensure all individuals are considered in all learning environments. It will showcase how teaching episodes and subsequent assessment can be modified and adapted to create access, understanding and knowledge as well as taking a ‘backwards’ approach to learning goals and outcomes.

At the conclusion of this presentation delegates will gain knowledge and understanding of how to use Universal Design for Learning principles to adapt and modify learning outcomes to ensure success for all individuals.

Currently working as an Education Consultant in the disability sector, and possessing a Masters in Inclusive Education from QUT, I am extremely passionate about advocating for individuals to be given the right to an inclusive life. A life where all individuals are offered opportunities to contribute to society on the same basis as their counterparts. Through several conference presentations, numerous school observational visits, professional development workshops and webinars, plus daily email and phone conversations I have a plethora of experience in sharing insight, strategies and advocating for all, to build a brighter future for individuals with a disability.


Lynsey Kennedy-Wood became the Education Consultant at Down Syndrome Queensland after completing her Masters in Inclusive Education from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in 2013. She is a passionate and knowledgeable advocate for all individuals to receive an inclusive educational experience and achieve to the best of their ability. Lynsey hopes to inspire individuals to be contributing members of society on the same basis as their peers and educate others on how to ensure this is possible. She believes TRUE inclusion is the key to a life of purpose.