Australian Tertiary Education Network on Disability

Pathways banner. Pathways15 Online. Advancing Inclusion in 2020 and Beyond. Monday 30 November - Friday 4 December

Conference Etiquette

To ensure that we all have a positive and productive conference experience, please be familiar with our conference etiquette: 

  • Please test your technology before the conference 
  • If possible, it’s a good idea to join the conference from a quiet room, free from distractions and background noise
  • Before joining a session, please position your webcam correctly, you should be face on with the camera at eye level
  • Ensure your Zoom name is your real name, not a moniker
  • A neutral background is preferred. You may use a virtual background, but no slogans or offensive language please
  • Please be respectful to the presenter(s) and other conference delegates. Try to give the sessions your full attention. If you really feel obligated to multi-task consider whether you actually need to sign out of the session and attend to other priorities. A good way to minimise distractions is to close non-essential windows and programs, and put away or turn off mobile phones. If you are accessing the sessions via a mobile phone, please turn off push notifications
  • If you are given an opportunity to talk during a session, please use the raise hand function, say your name and speak clearly. Take turns, give others an opportunity to talk, and mute your microphone when not speaking. Please do not use inappropriate or offensive language
  • Pathways15 is being recorded and content will be available post-conference. Please do not record sessions on your own devices
  • The chat box is available for questions and genuine discussion of session content. Please use caution when discussing your own experiences, and remember that information posted is available for everyone to see
  • If you are experiencing technical or other difficulties during a session please refer to the FAQs that have been emailed to you, or the conference website for tips on how to resolve these. The presenters are unable to troubleshoot for you
  • A session facilitator may mute or remove a delegate for serious breaches of conference etiquette