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Life Member: Trevor Allan

Trevor Allen and Julie Harrison 

Live among them;
Love them;
Learn from them;
Start from where they are;
Work with them;
Build on what they have. 

But of the best leaders,
When the task is accomplished,
The work complete,
The people all remark:
“We have done it ourselves”

Lao Tsu 17th century Chinese philosopher and poet

ATEND took the opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge one of our great leaders and our dear friend, Trevor Allan at this Pathways 12 conference held in Fremantle WA, 2014.  The presentation of the Honorary Life member was awarded in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the sector.

 Julie Harrison, Manager of Access and Participation at ANU presented the award on the behalf of the sector and highlighted many of Trevor’s great achievements. Julie finished with the above quote which she felt summed up Trevor's work.

Julie was also able to contact a couple of past students, ANU Alumni to seek feed-back on the work and support Trevor gave to them as students.

“Trevor is a true Australian legend, because he made it possible for me and many others to have a “fair go”, that very Aussie of concepts, without which my life wouldn’t have been the same…. I'm sure I speak on behalf of many other ANU students, Trevor, you made a difference to our lives.”
Rishi Gulati – ANU Alumni
“Trevor was one of these key individuals, he had the ability to make me feel comfortable with who I am and understand the challenges that I faced, as well as provide practical solutions to these challenges… I am now in a position to have a role in society, and globally on the issue of disability. I am comfortable with who I am and the impact I can make.”
Huy Nguyen ANU Alumni