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Pathways banner. Pathways15 Online. Advancing Inclusion in 2020 and Beyond. Monday 30 November - Friday 4 December

Frequently asked questions about Pathways15

Q. What if I have not registered?

A. We are sorry registrations closed on the 25th of November.  Recording of all the presentations will be made available on the ATEND website in the coming weeks.

Q. I’ve registered and how do I access the conference?

A. All registered delegates will receive an email with their login details for the conference on Friday 27 November - please check your spam if you haven't received it by midday.

Q. Are the any rules or guidelines that I need to adhere to while attending the conference?

A. Please review our Etiquette Statement

Q. What platform will the conference be using?

A. The Pathways15 Online Conference will be facilitated via Zoom. It is best to have the latest version installed, as new features are added with each update. To install or sign up to Zoom visit: and click the ‘Signup, It’s Free’ button.

You can also test your settings at:

Q. What time will the conference start and finish?

A. The conference will commence from 12:45pm AEDT each day from Monday 30 November to Friday 4 December and will finish at 5:00pm AEDT each day. Please refer to the start times below to make sure you don’t miss out:

  • Western Australia: 9:45am
  • Northern Territory: 11:15am
  • Queensland: 11:45am
  • South Australia: 12:15PM
  • NSW/ACT/VIC/TAS: 12:45PM
  • New Zealand: 2:45PM

Q. What is the format of the conference?

A. The conference will open and close with keynote presentations. Throughout the 5 days there will be no more than 2 concurrent sessions. To view the current program please visit:

Q. What topics will be covered on each day?

A. Each day of the conference will focus on different topics and themes:

  • Monday Stream 1: Universal Design for Learning
  • Monday Stream 2: Mental Health and Wellbeing and Other Innovative Practices
  • Tuesday Stream 1: Employment
  • Tuesday Stream 2: Challenges, Innovations and Good Practice during COVID-19
  • Wednesday Stream 1: Vocational Education and Training
  • Wednesday Stream 2: Higher Education
  • Thursday Stream 1: Employment
  • Thursday Stream 2: Challenges, Innovations and Good Practice during COVID-19
  • Friday: Universal Design for Learning, Inclusive Policy and Practice: Implementation and Outcomes

Q. Can I only attend some sessions?

A. We know it is a busy time of the year for everyone and understand that you might not be able to attend each and every session. The benefit of an online conference is that you can make it work for you. You can attend all, or as many sessions you a like. You might find that you are enjoying the topics so much that you stay connected for longer!

Q. What if I want to change between streams?

A. If you decide that you would like to move between sessions or streams you can do so by leaving the current session and clicking the link to the session you would like to attend. The links will be provided to those who have registered on Friday 27 November.

Q. Where can I find out information about each session?

A. Information about each session is available on the Pathways15 Online website at
You will not only be able to find details of each session but also the biographies of each presenter.

Q. Where can I find information out about presenters?

A. All presenter biographies are available on the Pathways website at

Keynote speaker biographies can be found at

Q. How do I access the conference?

A. On Friday 27 November people who have registered for the conference will receive an email with the unique URL to access all links required for the conference. Once you locate the session you are after you can click the link or copy and paste the link into your browser window. If you do not receive this email on Friday 27 November please contact

Q. What happens after I click the link to enter a session?

A. Depending on the version of Zoom you have, you may be asked to enter a passcode. The passcode to enter the conference is Pathways15. Don’t worry, we will be sure to send this passcode to you again. In some instances, it may not ask you to enter the passcode but rather to enter your email address. This will be different depending on the version of zoom you have. It is best to have the latest version installed, as new features are added with each update. To install or sign up to zoom visit:

Q. What does it mean if I enter a session but am not able to see or hear anyone?

A. If the session is not due to start yet, please be patient as we may still be setting up. When you first enter a session, there may be a holding slide with conference or sponsor information. Initially you may not be able to hear anything until the Chair begins speaking. If you are unable to hear the Chair or Presenter speaking on the screen, ensure your volume is turned up or that your headset (if applicable) is working.

Q. What happens if something changes in the program?

A. Sometimes changes might happen that are beyond our control. Whilst we will be working behind the scenes to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible, it may happen that a session is delayed, rescheduled or cancelled. In the event that something changes we will be making notifications via various channels. This includes:

In the event we are not able to communicate in time via the methods listed above we will advise of changes to the program during the conference and outline other options you may be interested in.

Q. Will the sessions be recorded?

A. Yes, each session will be recorded and made available on the ATEND website at

Every effort will be made to have the recordings available on the conference website within 48 hours after the recorded session.

Q. Who should I contact if I have questions or technical difficulties during the conference?

A. If you have any questions throughout the conference or experience any technical issues please email
We will be monitoring this email and will endeavour to respond to your questions during the conference as promptly as possible.

Q. Will there be an opportunity to ask questions?

A. Yes. Keynote sessions will be facilitated via Zoom Webinar which will have a specific Q&A box where you will be able to ask your questions.

Other sessions will be facilitated via Zoom Meeting and you are invited to ask your questions via the Chat box feature. The Pathways15 Conference team will be monitoring the Q&A and Chat boxes and will ask your questions to the presenters.

Please note that all questions will need to come through either the Q&A box or the Chat box. If you have any trouble accessing the Q&A box or the Chat box you are welcome to email your questions through to however please specify in the email the session you are in.

Q. Will others be able to see me during the conference?

A. During the Keynote sessions you will not be seen by other attendees or by the presenters. The breakout streams however have been set up as Zoom Meetings. This is to enable greater interaction between us all throughout these sessions. In the Zoom Meetings you will be able to message all attendees or send private messages to your colleagues. In entering the Zoom Meetings, your camera will automatically be switched off and you will be muted. You are welcome to turn your camera on if you would like throughout the Zoom Meetings however please be mindful of what you are doing in the background. If others have their screens set to gallery view they will be able to see you.  

Q. How can I access the presentations after the conference?

A. Thanks to all of the conference presenters, all materials from the conference will be made available along with the recorded sessions on the ATEND website at

All materials will be available shortly after the conference closes.

Q. How do I enter a sponsor room?

A. During the conference our sponsors will have their own Zoom Room where you can connect and chat with them. Links for the sponsor rooms are located on the conference delegate page. If you have registered for the conference you will receive an email on Friday 27th of November containing essential delegate information including your secure conference URL to access the conference delegate page.