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Merrin McCracken

photo merrin mccracken 

Manager, Disability Services
Equity and Diversity Unit
Deakin University
Phone: (03) 5227 8421

Merrin is the Manager of Disability Services at Deakin University, working with a great team who contribute to policy development, capacity building and individual support for people with disability at the University. With her background as an occupational therapist, she has worked with people with disability for nearly 30 years, and worked previously as a DLO at Deakin in the late 1990’s, before returning in her current role in 2010. She has developed an approach to her work that builds on people’s strengths, and encourages inclusive practice.

Merrin is happy to see ATEND being more active, and hopes that we can connect with more people to hear from them how we can best represent the sector and support each other.